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Doug I’m so excited after our swim session on Sunday I’ve knocked 20 seconds off my 100’s time just by making the changes to my kick you suggested. Thanks so much.
Jennifer E.

Doug, you wouldn’t believe it! After the clinic and one lesson, I shaved 33 minutes off my swim. I can’t wait to see where I end up after practicing all winter. THANK YOU!!!
Erin M.

Thanks again so much for the spot-on instruction this AM. Looking forward to a winter practice schedule filled with new purpose (i.e. many tweaks!). I’ve already ordered my tempo trainer too 😉
Jane W.

Thanks Doug for the 2 sessions I was able to squeeze in before you were done for this season. Learned a tremendous amount that I plan to take to the pool with me this winter.
Scott S.

Doug, thank you for the lesson today. Lots of good things to apply! If you want to improve your swim go see DOUG!
Tom D.

Doug, thank you SO much for my first (of hopefully many) lesson this morning. It is so great to finally have someone who can ” pick my swim apart” and tell me why I’m having the trouble that I’m having. I can’t wait to get back in the pool to do my homework and see improvement! I’m going to bring my grade from a D+ up to an A by next spring!
Sheila M.

And to learn this morning that I cross over was priceless. Did an easy swim this afternoon with drills and with your knowledge…it was AWESOME and FAST!
Jen J.

Doug you rock!! Thank you so much for all the great instruction and homework you gave me. You ROCK! Wait, I said that already.
Susie M

Many thanks to Doug Saar and Frank Hviid for their time, feedback, and training today. Its value cannot be measured! I hope to return very soon, and encourage everyone to reserve their spot in the upcoming clinics!
Julie M.

Awesome lessons learned with Doug @ Swim4Purpose…….I’ve learned so much from him over the past year that I was able to drop my 100m time by about 20 seconds! Thanks so much for the continued support Doug! I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and spirit!
Hannah H.

Thanks for an awesome swim instruction this morning.
Lucas M.

Thanks for the workout (instructions) the other day. Made it about half way through:) It was awesome.
Todd W.

Thank You Doug for all the attention and help. Will do my best to do the drills 100%. You were the significant factor in changing how i swim, and I will be back next season. Stay well.
Mary P.

Thanks so much for the excellent lesson! I got the video/critique plus drills and will be looking things over probably tomorrow as it’s just been one of those busy and jam-packed activities days. Don’t worry – I’ll still be smiling after the critique because I’ll know I had some great instruction on how to help my swim. Thanks again and I’ll keep in touch!
Dave M.

I’m actually looking forward to pool swimming after two sessions with Doug. amazing!
Sadj B.

Awesome clinic today. Hope to be back for a lesson. Lots of ‘tweaking’ to work on.
Patty C.

Doug/Fred offer by far the best instruction for improving swim stroke, i have ever received – and i have engaged many coaches /clinics since picking up tris over 5 years ago! Their love of swimming and sharing what they know about swimming, which is extensive, shines through!
Kevin C.

So my swim today….was freaking awesome!!! I swam the half mile in 16:56 (2:07/100m). That made me 5/58 in my age group, and 29/425 overall. Say what?! For comparative purposes, I clocked 2:42/100m (28/56 AG) at Celebration in June. That is a ridiculous improvement. You changed my life. 🙂 I felt much less drag, more relaxed, and like I output less effort. I slipped a few times into bad habits but immediately felt the difference and refocused on technique. I breathed every fourth stroke most of the race without feeling hypoxic. Thanks again for the great sessions!
Emily B

It was so great to work with you yesterday. I feel like now I have specific things to work on when I get into the pool.
Amy M.

Doug, I love working with you!!! I’ve been trying the past two swims, and have been able to do 2500 without much pain! Trying to use my core instead of arms!
Amy K.

Wow. That is amazingly telling! A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks so much! I practiced my hand entry today. Will keep practicing and come back for another video in early September.
Aldona G.

Thanks Doug! I hope that I get this right over the next 8 months. I can’t wait to get back to get more corrections and tips to improve my swim.
Danielle C.

I’m looking forward to showing you a new and improved swimmer in the spring.
Dave O.

Thank you. I definitely feel a difference in my swimming since my lesson.
Elisabeth J.

The lesson was great. I just need to keep practicing it now and hopefully in a few months I will have some updates for you.
Greg L.

I can’t wait to resume lessons next year.
Jaquetta J.

The one lesson was incredibly helpful. I will certainly connect with you in the spring for some additional training… see you in 2013!
Jill W.

Thanks so much Doug! I bought a cadence monitor that will get here today, psyched to start using it! I’ll keep you updated on my progress and any questions I have.
Kate M.

Thanks SO much for yesterday’s lesson! Quite informative!
Keely I.

Thanks so much! You’ve been a big help. My half iron man at the end of the month will be a better experience because of you!
Linda A.

Thank you, Doug! Just a week after our session I had a tri and my swim rate increased by 10 seconds per 100 meters! And since it had only been a week I hadn’t really had time to work much on what you taught me so I concentrated on the easiest for me – my hand position entering the water. Can’t wait ’til my first 2013 event to see what a winter of drills does for me!
Mary C.

Thanks for the insight during the two sessions as well as the feedback via email and videos. I find that I now have even more to think about when I am swimming!
Megan M.

I was more than happy to send friends your way. You are so knowledgeable and have so much to offer swimmers in this area. There’s not one person that attended your clinic or a private lesson that doesn’t want more of your instruction. A friend told me that there’s been a lot of buzz about you on the Mid Maryland Tri website. Everyone will be anxiously awaiting the pool unveiling next spring! Have a wonderful fall and winter. Hopefully, I’ll see you around the neighborhood.
Rox B.

Thanks Doug! The lesson was spot-on and I think I have much to keep me busy while I practice MUCH better form over the fall and winter. Before I completely drove away, I pulled over and jotted down what I remembered from the session. I knew if I went on to work without doing that, I would forget stuff. Again, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT LESSON! See you in the spring, and I will let you know how it’s going periodically throughout the winter!
Sarah S.

Thank you so much, where have you been for the past two years of my life? Lol!
Sergio V.

Thanks Doug! We will try the drills! We definitely LIKE swim4purpose and I will let all of my swimming friends know about you! You are terrific!
Sharon L.

Thanks so much for all your phenomenal help and expertise. Enjoy the Fall.
Stacey W.

The video was great! I did see it. I just hope that I can keep doing it. I was in the pool this am, and thought i was doing it, but must admit that I got tired faster. It also helps having someone yell at you above the pool saying not to be so “dainty”. Thanks for everything.
Taryn G.

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. I learned a great deal in just the hour you spent with me.
Tim K.

Doug thanks!Just when I thought I couldn’t get any better. Wow. That was an amazing feeling to be able to glide like that. I can’t wait until Friday so I can get in a pool and practice.
Dave O.

Thank you so much for my first ever swim lesson! I so appreciated the instruction with a healthy dose of humor- that helped relieve any stress and enabled me to pay attention. I am grateful that you adjusted your teaching techniques to how each of us learn -that is a gift so again,many thanks and I can’t wait to get in open water to practice my head control. That sure made things a lot easier!
Pricilla I.

Thanks Doug for a great lesson yesterday! I really learned so much and have lots to practice!
Jill E.

Thank you so much for the lesson, Doug. I am so excited to put it all together and look forward to working with you again!
Shelly D.

I typically don’t post unless it is to announce a new gear item, but felt compelled to do so tonight. I had a private session with Doug Saar tonight and feel like I want to scream from the rooftop about how incredible it is. I have only been able to swim for about 2.5 years (literally no swimming…scared to death of water) so in the last 2.5 years besides some swim lessons I have listened and watched every darn YouTube video one can watch to get better.

Going into the lesson today I saw myself as an okay swimmer with a decent pull and catch but a weak kick (yes it takes me as long to do kick drills as it does to do a full main set). Well after leaving tonight I was so wrong….kick is actually okay, it’s my upper body that needs work. In the short time I was with Doug I learned more then what I have learned in the short 2 years of swimming. If you have not already been to seen him I for one would give him a huge recommendation if you are trying to improve your swim and become more efficient.

Oh and he some the coolest toys! otherwise know as swim tools to really help you see, feel and understand what you are doing and how to correct. Coolest is a teether that you wrap around your waist and swim out to mirrors that he has in the bottom of the pool so that you can match yourself swim. Incredible!!!!! I know he has a clinic coming up at the end of June that sounds great. He had some much knowledge that he wanted to share that I could barely keep up. His passion for helping people be better swimmers just pours out of him.
Amy P.

Thanks for a really good swim clinic today. You and Fred are great teachers! I appreciate the small class size and the individual attention. As well as the handout. Thanks for so much.
Amy M.

Thank you SO MUCH Fred and Doug! You gave me more confidence in my upcoming triathlon.
Ziona S.

The swimming has come along really well.I am able to swim 750 m freestyle without stopping!Thank you for all of the instruction and help. Your instruction and drills have worked really well for me.If you ever need a swim reference for potential clients, please let me know. Would be happy to be one.
Jeanette M.

13 sec off my 100 m….for 16 of them! ! Thanks Doug!
Team USA Laura B.

I had to share some good news! Since my lesson with you last Wed. I’ve shaved 4 minutes and 20 seconds off my time for 18 laps. Since I’m so much more efficient in the water I don’t have to stop as long at the wall to catch my breathe.
Amy M.

Doug Saar is an amazing swim instructor and if you ever want a good butt kicking…Go to Doug!!!!! He will give you the butt kick and some, but you will learn. I say “Thank you.”
Stacey W.

Thanks again Doug! This was more instruction than 8 years of masters swimming.
Paul L.

Good morning Doug. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed observing your class last night. You are one of the most hands on instructors I have ever seen. It was clear to me that swimming form is the important lesson that you are trying to teach. You are all business in that pool, and you work your students hard – with your warm smile, laugh, and encouragement. You will get them all off to a good start.I look forward to many more semesters of affiliation with HCC.
Paula W. (Howard Community College Administrator)

We can’t thank you enough for sharing you talent, pool, and enthusiasm. You have a true gift!
Patty R.

I just finished reading both beginning Swimming and Advanced Stroke Techniques evaluations for the fall. To a one, your students filled in the “excellent” circles. Additionally, and not many students take the time to write comments, they said, “outstanding instructor”, “awesome coach”, “love Doug, he’s a keeper”, “he’s amazing”, “Doug Saar is the best”. One comment from Beginning Swimming was that the class was too large (suggestions for limiting the class size?) and of course, they would like you to teach Advanced Swimming.Thank you so much for offering your talent and expertise to Howard county’s adult learners. Pleased you’ll be back for the winter term. Happy holidays.
Rosemary M.(HCC Lifelong Learning Coordinator