• 08/24/13 Session 2: Stroke Video Analysis/Open Water

    12:30 pm — 2:30 pm

    This 2 hour clinic is suited for those of you who wish to have your stroke analyzed by Doug and Fred. We’ll spend 45 minutes looking over your technique, offering you on-site direct feedback and suggestions for improvement. We’ll cover the following items:

    • streamlined body position
    • kicking technique
    • balance and power in rotation
    • high elbow catch connection
    • leveraged pull position
    • breathing technique and patterns


    Video Session

    We will then go into a video session of your stroke technique, capturing you from the front and from the side so we can break down your specific weaknesses and offer you the personal suggestions catered to your needs. Video editing will take 5-7 business days and will be uploaded to a secure server for your unlimited access.


    Open Water Portion

    Upon completion of the stroke analysis and video portion, we take a break and set up the pool for the open water instruction. We extract the lane lines from the pool to simulate Bay like conditions of chop and wave action and have buoys in the pool. We will cover the following open water subjects:

    • mass starts & finishes
    • efficient sighting and navigation
    • principles of drafting
    • executing turns around buoys
    • race strategy
    • expect the Unexpected

    Light refreshments are served at both the morning and afternoon clinics for your convenience.

    Clinic is suited for all levels of swimmers and is a great refresher for past clinic swimmers as well.

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