• S4P and GoPro

    We took a 1st shot at filming some of our Saturday workout using a GoPro Hero 3+ Black in Frederick Md. These are some of the highlights…..long ….but fun!….Plan to get much better at this for stroke analysis in the summer season! I (blue jammers) was swimming with Rich Parente (training suit…we call it something

  • Sight Tumble and Go

    Sight Tumble and Go

    Many triathlete swimmers I speak with are now getting more variety in their swim training by coupling aspects of distance, interval based and technique into their program. While this is a very positive way to swim train there is still an important aspect that most programs are missing….(Pool Open Water training POW) Let’s not forget

  • Curing the Over-Reacher

    Curing the Over-Reacher

    Overreaching in the freestyle recovery takes place when a swimmer extends their arm fully before it has entered the water. Normally I see the elbow land first which causes a significant amount of drag/turbulence as it hits the water. The recovery tends to be led by the hand and not the elbow. This can also