• S4P Summer Opening

    Swim4Purpose will open its summer season on Tuesday May 27th. You can start reserving your slot today for private lessons and underwater filming by contacting Doug at [email protected] I will continue to make use of the underwater mirrors, special paddles and tethering systems as they promote instant quality feedback and muscle memory.

  • S4P Winter Update

    Just a quick note to say I certainly miss the summer months! Winter maintenance was done on the pool this morning and as you can see, there is a nice chunk of ice on the top…….I’m sure Janet Manning would have loved it!! I’m currently working with a great group of swimmers at Howard Community

  • S4P to Close on 9/15 for the Season

    S4P to Close on 9/15 for the Season

    It’s been a great season but Sunday’s September 15th clinics will be the last day Swim4Purpose will be open this season. I still have openings for next week and the weather is looking pretty good……trying to maintain a pool temperature of 81-83 degrees for comfort. Contact me at [email protected] to arrange an appointment and improve