One of the most common problems I see in the freestyle stroke is applying pressure (propulsion) at the WRONG time. Many swimmers immediately begin applying pressure before a high elbow catch has been attained (during the downsweep phase where the arm is obtaining the proper depth and angle to initiate the catch). If the elbow

  • S4P Off Season

    S4P Off Season

    Off season at S4P not much to do but play golf! I met former Division I swimmer and current training partner Richard Parente for a round at West Winds in New Market. I will tell you… our “rounds” at Madrones Bar & Grill in Frederick after golf… joined with other friends…was much sweeter than our

  • S4P Double Breathing Drill

    S4P Double Breathing Drill

    I tend to be lazy and look for swimming drills that enhance several weak parts of a freestyle stroke all wrapped into one drill: Some of my clients are familiar with the DOUBLE BREATHING DRILL. The benefits include: • Enhanced rotation to both sides • Elimination of “late” breathing • Forceful exhale • Better “catch”