• Doug’s 2016 Chesapeake Bay Swim report

    Doug’s 2016 Chesapeake Bay Swim report

    Coming into the 25th Great Chesapeake Bay Swim forecasted heavy wind conditions up to 33 knots (ALMOST 40 MPH) were enough to grab anyone’s attention. The silver lining here was the direction…..WNW….giving us a very favorable and wavy push to the East in warm temperatures of 72 degrees. Those swimmers with sensitive stomachs and an

  • S4P set to open June 1st

    S4P set to open June 1st

    S4P should be ready for lessons by the 1st part of June. The cold dreary weather over the past few weeks has put a halt to getting heat into the pool and delayed the start up. The forecast for the next week or so isn’t too much better but ….with a little luck….some sunshine and

  • Jim Clifford sets English Channel Record

    Jim Clifford is a great swimmer and really nice down to earth guy. I met Jim several years back at the Germantown Indoor pool…..he was fast and fun to pace and since that time we see each other at the Chesapeake Bay Swim each year. He’s transformed himself into the ultimate open water swimmer braving