• HCC Fall Swim Instruction with Doug

    For those of you who have not had enough of me this summer, I will be teaching 2 swimming classes this fall at Howard Community College: BEGINNING SWIMMING –Adult (Mon 7-8:30pm) #4565 IMPROVING STROKE TECHNIQUES & ENDURANCE (Mon 8:30 – 10pm) #4607 The cool part is I get to make my own syllabus! Classes start

  • Sampling of Our Latest Clinic

    We wanted to give those of you who have not attended one of our clinics a sample of what to expect . . . this is an excerpt of Saturday’s AM technique/open water clinic (08/24/13). Our last clinics for the year will be on September 15th. We will have more information soon . . .

  • S4P 2013 Top Ten Swim Faults

    Here is our list of the top ten swim faults encountered during lessons/clinics at S4P. If any of these apply to you come see us for the fix! Only 3 weeks left until we close for the year. 10. Pressing down on the water at the moment of catch 9. Kicking from the knee 8.