• Doug’s 2018 Chesapeake Bay Swim Report

    Doug’s 2018 Chesapeake Bay Swim Report

    As always, the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim is a well-organized, safety 1st endurance event with more volunteers than swimmers! Many thanks to Linda of Lin-mark sports and Chuck Nabit race director for another outstanding year. To quote Forrest Gump “the Chesapeake Bay is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

  • Body Balance in Swimming

    Body Balance in Swimming

    The key to swimming fast, efficiently, and strong is to maximize balance in the water and minimize drag. While most of our weight is located in our hips and lower body, this often leads to a diagonal line in the water, meaning that athletes literally have to drag their body through the water. Minimizing drag,

  • Doug’s 2017 Chesapeake Bay Swim report

    Doug’s 2017 Chesapeake Bay Swim report

    Conditions at this year’s bay swim were ideal…no wind…no current…ideal water temperature and clear skies. It’s ironic that last year’s conditions of 30-40 MPH winds was “faster”… but much “rougher” for swimmers since the prevailing winds then were moving west to east. As I mentioned in last year’s report if you loved rollercoasters and drank