• POW Clinic an A+

    Swim4Purpose kicked off its new Pool Open Water Clinic today that can only be summed up as a “blast”! Limited in participation we covered all aspects of open water swimming that are “best” learned in a pool before venturing into the open water venue. Participants could actually feel the draft generated from learning side/behind drafting

  • Rapid Improvement with Personal Instruction

    Personal Instruction at S4P is centered on rapid improvement in your stroke. I typically do not try and reinvent your stroke, just try to correct major/minor flaws through the use of specific equipments, drills and self- correcting mirrors placed at the bottom of the pool. Tamar was a 1st time client who worked with me

  • Swim Improvement at S4P

    Swim Improvement at S4P

    If you haven’t been out to S4P for a lesson or clinic this year you are missing out! Who has mirrors in the bottom of your pool for self-correction? Paddles that have a specific purpose other than causing shoulder injury? Unique ways to apply equipment to get you to feel the right movements? Slow motion